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Here is a fresh and new view of the World. Welcome to the World as a complete body from head to tail. Discover how an animals uniqueness and animal dynamics are directly correlated to the World anatomy. Much of history has been forged by this basic pattern, but we can upgrade historical concepts by viewing them through the contemporary eyes of a fully mapped World and a collection of global information. Genesis to revelations is about the life-cycle of the World, discover some relevant similarities to a current scientific comprehension. The New Perspective defines a projected Celestial structure to our Galaxy and explains how these structures have evolved and now influence as creative energies, the smaller structures. 

This information is for sharing and discussing and will help guide future generations. These are considered draft documents awaiting professional assistance. 

I have gone through your thesis a few times and find it very interesting. You have actually touched upon a host of issues and each sentence or paragraph of yours indicates subjects that need detailed treatment at leisure. Your concepts are not totally new (and you have graciously admitted that too) but the approach, the interpretation and description is new and of course excellent.

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